Workout gear designed to spread awareness about Scoliosis and help raise money for research


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that affects 2-3% of Americans at the age of 16. Scoliosis can be diagnosed through simple examinations by pediatricians or even by parents. It can be detected by uneven shoulders or hips, and an x-ray usually follows to confirm the diagnosis and the extremity of it. 

The treatment of scoliosis varies for each patient depending on the severity of their curves. For curves between 20-40 degrees, the bracing treatment is normally used. Typically, the patient is required to wear a brace for a substantial amount of every day. The alternative to bracing is surgery, or spinal fusion. This treatment is used for the most severe cases of scoliosis, where curves range from 40-50 degrees. 

Both of these treatments usually cause extreme stress, pain, and difficulty for scoliosis patients. I have made it my mission to raise money for scoliosis research so that we can find painless methods of treatment and ultimately eradicate this disease. 

With the help of Zayze to make these designs, I am promoting and funding Scoliosis in the most unique way possible!

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