In 2011, I was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine greater than 10 degrees. It affects 2 to 4 percent of children, especially girls. My spine bends at the top in one direction and the bottom in another, creating an S shaped curve. My curves are close to the extreme range and therefore require bracing. I was always on edge as my endurance was necessary. At first, I was not fully aware of the difficulty and motivation required to wear a brace. I struggled to adjust my life around wearing this back brace for 20 hours everyday for 3 years.

My spine doctor constantly reminded me: “You are running a marathon, not a race”. This line has always resonated with me in my darkest days. Although it has been tough to persevere, I won the battle against my spine and my curves did not progress into surgery range. As my journey concluded, I have been keen on making a difference for patients like myself.

I have integrated my love for fashion, my enthusiasm for service, and my curiosity in business as a way to give back. I have designed an athleisure wear line with all the proceeds being donated to Setting Scoliosis Straight, a nonprofit organization working to research about the disease and ultimately erase it. The theme of my activewear promotes exercise and healthy living. This trendy and unique line, Strut for Scoliosis, can be worn by everyone everywhere. I aspire to spread national and even global awareness about this disease as well as raise the funds needed to eradicate it. I hope to brighten the future of my fellow patients and see you all strutting.

   Let's Strut for Scoliosis!